Meizhou destroyed a motorcycle theft and criminal gangs and arrested 19 people 霍金hawking

Meizhou destroyed a motorcycle theft and criminal gangs and arrested 19 people Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Tang Linzhen Mei Gongxuan) 18 reporters from the Meizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, November 17th at 22 PM to 18 am 2, two public security bureau organization combined operations center city and county Meizhou city authorities to carry out a unified action to close the net, cross area police destroyed a stolen and "one-stop" criminal gangs and arrested 19 suspects involved in the recovery, 39 vehicles, 3 vehicles, 65 cases of the case. It is understood that, in recent years, Meizhou City frequently occurred motorcycle theft cases at night, almost every day 3 to 5 motorcycles stolen, causing the public’s attention, seriously affecting the sense of security. Meizhou Public Security Bureau deputy mayor, Chen Junqin municipal and district two public security organs resolutely implement the "three case" system, by the Municipal Public Security Bureau combined operations center to co-ordinate efforts to strengthen the investigation, combined with the "2016 hurricane" detection battle action, organization scale of cluster combat operations, and strive to suppress the crime of stealing a motorcycle in the shortest time the. In November 16th, Chen Junqin, vice mayor, gave instructions on the case, requiring more than one investigation and one battle". After a period of careful investigation and Mopai, Meizhou police gradually mastered a series of motorcycle theft gangs, which included "stealing, transporting and selling". The gang has a clear division of labor and a strong sense of anti investigation. In the city of motorcycle theft, and then transported to the Wuhua County, Wuhua County by the handling of stolen goods in the local or motorcycle will be to Jieyang city fence. In the city the core staff for the theft of Guo Mouhui, super Chen in Wuhua fence core staff. In November 17th, the conditions are ripe to arrest the net, Meizhou City Public Security Bureau dispatched police, Meijiang branch, Meixian branch, Wuhua County Bureau of hundreds of police officers, in the evening of 22 in Meizhou City, Wuhua county and action. During the operation, arrested 19 suspects, including Guo Mouhui arrested 16 people in Meizhou city in Wuhua, 3 people arrested Chen chao. A total of 39 vehicles involved in the recovery of motorcycles, motorcycle escort zuoanren buckle send truck decks, 2 cars and motorcycle skid stolen a number of tools of crime. After review, Guo Mouhui et al. A preliminary account since May this year, has repeatedly gang in Meizhou city a total of 65 car motorcycle theft crimes. At present, the case and the relevant evidence, stolen goods, fixed fugitives and other work in progress. Editor in chief: GDN007

梅州打掉一个盗运销摩托车犯罪团伙 抓获19人   南方日报讯(记者 唐林珍 通讯员 梅公宣)记者18日从梅州市公安局获悉,11月17日晚22时至18日凌晨2时,梅州市公安局合成作战中心组织市、县两级公安机关开展统一收网行动,跨区域用警,打掉一个盗运销“一条龙”犯罪团伙,抓获19名嫌疑人,追缴涉案车辆39辆、汽车3辆,目前破案65宗。   据了解,近段时间来,梅州城区夜间经常发生盗窃摩托车案件,几乎每天有3至5辆摩托车被盗,引起广大市民的关注,严重影响群众安全感。梅州副市长、公安局长陈俊钦要求市、区两级公安机关坚决落实“三级办案”制度,由市公安局合成作战中心统筹加强侦查打击力度,结合“飓风2016”破案战役行动,组织规模性集群打击行动,力求在最短时间内压制偷盗摩托车的犯罪行为。11月16日,陈俊钦副市长专门就此案作出指示,要求“多侦合一,捆绑作战,一定要对‘盗运销’团伙打掉深挖,同时要加大宣传”。   经过一段时间缜密的侦查和摸排,梅州市警方逐渐掌握到一个集“盗、运、销”为一体的系列盗窃摩托车犯罪团伙。该团伙分工明确,反侦查意识较强。在梅城盗窃摩托车,然后运往五华县,再由五华县接赃点将摩托车在本地或往揭阳市销赃。在梅城盗窃核心人员为郭某辉,在五华销赃核心人员为陈某超。   11月17日,抓捕收网条件成熟,梅州市公安局抽调多警种以及梅江分局、梅县分局、五华县局等单位近百名警力,于当晚22时在梅州城区、五华县两地同时行动。   行动中,共抓获19名嫌疑人,其中在梅州城区抓获郭某辉等16人,在五华抓获陈某超等3人。共追缴涉案摩托车39辆,扣押运送摩托车的作案人货车一辆,套牌小汽车2辆及橇盗摩托车作案工具一批。   经审查,郭某辉等人初步交代自今年5月份至今多次结伙在梅州城区盗窃摩托车共65辆的犯罪事实。目前案件审理及相关证据固定、追赃、追逃等工作正在进行中。 责任编辑: GDN007相关的主题文章:

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