Ma Tianyu said in response to the network violence closing comments and forwarding (video) 纪元1701

Ma Tianyu said in response to the network violence closing comments and forwarding function in November 4th, Ma Tianyu in the micro-blog open in response to the network violence said: "could you, for you, by you, to avoid you, respect you, don’t you, resistance to you, and then wait a few years and you. PS: something private letter, closing comments and forwarding." Tencent entertainment for the first time to contact Ma Tianyu brokerage team, the other said Ma Tianyu as a public figure, often being a close network of violence, commenting on the idea already, and think it should purify network environment, to combat cyber violence. In fact, the day before, Ma Tianyu studio has issued a document said: "recently, black powder rampant, welcome feather first time through a variety of ways to contact us, we fight against evil forces and invariant network determination. Maintain network environment and combat cyber violence. Thank you for your support and supervision of feathers. No positive voice, not silence palliative. Please be assured that we have been there." And with a station and said to the black powder Determination in the end. Ma Tianyu since his debut has maintained a high color value, "-" the acting is also popular outside. However, recently, Ma Tianyu boarded the insulting curse Post Bar hot search, speech is intolerable to the ear. Now suddenly happened to the outside world, confused. Ma Tianyu said that the closure of comments and forwarding is not for one side, "recently Tianyu has some very dirty things in the network hot search term, long time in various places and he Post Bar was also a personal attack, the pony as a public figure, often encounter this situation, you want to close the comment before him. Over the long term, public figures have been placed in a position that is not very fair, because you are the star scold you, when this has become the network can wantonly spray dirty reasons, we should stand up against this situation." And said, "we think that the Internet should not be blind area of law, although there is no real name system, but also can not do, the network environment should be healthy. We don’t ignore it, we communicate with all the platforms, and we get rid of some dirty stuff." Asked whether Ma Tianyu felt aggrieved, the other said, "no, he was not wronged, or busy with the new drama shooting.". It’s just to get rid of the things that might affect his mood." Ma Tianyu responded to the network violence daughter called Zhao Benshan comfort competition of family background is relayed to micro-blog in the Tencent Shanghai show gossip to sweep me ~ reply "gossip", "entertainment": get the latest entertainment gossip reply "performance", "tickets": for the latest information on the left side of the two-dimensional code scanning concern, Shanghai WeChat, more free tickets waiting for you to receive

马天宇回应网络暴力 声称关闭评论和转发功能 11月4日,马天宇在微博公开回应网络暴力称:“忍你、让你、由你、避你、耐你、敬你、不要理你、再待几年且看你。 PS:有事儿私信吧,关闭评论和转发。”腾讯娱乐第一时间联系马天宇经纪团队,对方表示马天宇长期作为公众人物,经常会遭到网络暴力,关于关闭评论的想法早已有之,并认为眼下应该净化网络环境,打击网络暴力。其实在前一天,马天宇工作室曾发文表示:“近日黑粉猖獗,欢迎各位羽毛第一时间通过各种方式联系到我们,我们与网络恶势力对抗的决心不变。维护网络环境,打击网络暴力。感谢各位羽毛的大力支持与监督。从未正面发声,不代表沉默姑息。请放心,我们一直在。”并配图表示要和黑粉一站到底的决心。马天宇自出道以来一直保持高颜值,《幻城》中的演技也颇受外界好评。然而近日,马天宇侮辱性诅咒登上贴吧热搜,言论极其不堪入耳。如今突然发生此事,令外界一头雾水。马天宇方面表示,此次关闭评论和转发并非是针对哪一方,“最近天宇在网络的热搜词有一些非常脏的东西,长期以来他在贴吧以及各种地方也被人身攻击,小马作为公众人物,经常会遇到这种情况,他之前就想关闭评论了。长期以往,公众人物都被摆在一个不是很公平的位置,因为你是明星骂你怎么了,当这种已经可以成为网络肆意喷脏的理由,我们是应该站出来抵制这种情况的。”并表示,“我们认为网络不应该是法律的盲区,虽然没有实名制,但也是不能随意妄为的地方,网络环境应该要健康。我们不会置之不理,会和各个平台沟通,把一些很脏的东西屏蔽掉。”而被问及马天宇是否倍感委屈,对方表示,“没有,他心情没有很委屈,还是在忙于新剧的拍摄。只是把这些可能影响他心情的东西规避掉了。” 马天宇回应网络暴力 女儿被骂拼爹赵本山安慰 转播到腾讯微博 在魔都看演出聊八卦 扫我就对啦~ 回复“八卦”、“娱乐”:获取最新娱乐八卦消息 回复“演出”、“门票”:了解最新资讯 扫描左侧二维码,关注上海活动微信,更有免费演出门票等你来领取相关的主题文章:

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