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Business So you’ve chosen to start a home business, but juggling family life and work can be.e .pletely. You know that there are many things that you need to do in order to successfully start your business and work from home. However, fitting your business project into your daily .mitments can be.e very tricky. When first starting your online career there are so many things to think about, setting up a website, finding customers or referrals, research, advertising. Wow! It makes my head spin just thinking about it. Losing focus causes you to take no action. Action is crucial to moving on from where you are now, to where you want to be. Here are 5 tips to help you stay focused on your home-based business: 1. Chunk down When you have a large project looming ahead of you, (and as internet marketers don�t we always?), think about breaking it down into smaller .ponents. You will find that it is far easier to focus because you won’t feel nearly as overwhelmed. For example if your main objective for today is to make a blog, this can be broken down into ‘sign up for a blog account,’ ‘choose a template,’ ‘write a profile message,’ and so on. 2. Maintain a ‘To Do’ list After breaking your major tasks down into smaller ones, start a ‘to do’ list. Keep a notepad and pen handy so you can write down fresh as they .e to you. 3. Scheduling your time Each night, decide on five to seven tasks on your list that you would like to ac.plish the following. Stay focused on these tasks, and these tasks only, moving on to the next task only after .pleting the previous one. 4. Setting goals There is absolutely no better way of staying focused than by setting goals and there is no better way of achieving goals then by visualization. Visualize exactly where would like to be this time next week, next month, in six months, or in a year. Now find a way to visually remind yourself of what you�re working for, a way to keep a visual account of what your ultimate goal is. For me it’s be.ing .pletely debt free and to be able to afford more for my family. Once I clearly defined my goals I held a family meeting and had each of my children write down one goal they have for their future and what they will need to ac.plish it. One of my children wants to be.e a photographer, to ac.plish this she needs a camera and she would like to take photography lessons. Another wants to be.e a gymnast, she will need gymnastic classes. I have 10 children so I won�t list all of their goals, but you get the idea. On the wall in my home office that I face as I’m working, we put together a large collage. In the center I have a debt chart where I’m keeping track of how much debt I pay off each month and how much closer that brings me to my ultimate goal of be.ing debt free. Surrounding my debt chart is a picture of each one of my children, next to them is a picture that they chose to represent their goal. This visual presentation not only gives me a continual reminder of what I’m working for, it also gives my entire family a reminder of why Mom is working so hard. In doing this they all feel that they are a part of our home business and take their roles as helpers very seriously. I’ve noticed that since I implemented this visual presentation my children interrupt me far less often during my ‘business hours,’ they have be.e more self sufficient, and they help around the house more, and I get more ac.plished. 5. Just Say no Be assertive! There is always somebody lurking in our lives waiting to pilfer some time away. Learn to just say NO. Demand a certain amount of time each day to build your business, and follow through by creating boundaries on your time. If you continually allow others to monopolize your time, your business will never reach it’s potential, or worse, fail entirely. By putting these 5 practices into effect you will find that you’re able to focus, ultimately achieving your goal of working from home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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