45 intermediaries in Anhui are exposed to suspected illegal sales-clazziquai

Anhui billion identity 45 intermediary exposure alleged illegal sale behavior of Ministry of housing and urban rural development following the 2 Ji’nan real estate development enterprises and severely dealt with illegal sales practices, yesterday also announced a number of around the investigation of illegal real estate development enterprises and intermediary organizations, a total of 45. The real estate development enterprises and intermediary organizations, through the publication of false advertising, maliciously false rumors spread, making housing tension, by means of the pre-sale, property hoarding, inciting consumer purchases, in order to achieve the purpose of raising prices, for personal gain. These actions not only damage the rights and interests of consumers, but also mislead the market expectations, and the social impact is bad. For this reason, the Ministry of housing and urban construction requires all regions to further intensify their efforts, further consolidate and standardize the real estate market order, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market. List 1 of real estate development enterprises and intermediary agencies investigated and dealt with all over the world. Beijing state Rui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 2. Beijing Tian Xu canal Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 3. Beijing Jin Heng real estate Co. Ltd. 4. Beijing Jinnuo ark housework service limited company 5. Shanghai I love my house rental Exchange Co., Ltd., Pu circuit Shop 6. Shanghai Pacific Housing Services Limited Kyoho road 7. Shanghai Hong folk real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. 8. Guangzhou Yufeng Consultants Co. Ltd 9. Guangzhou AI hee Business Management Co., Ltd. 10. Shenzhen City Hunan capital investment company limited 11. Shenzhen langhong Real Estate Co., Ltd. 12. Zhongyuan Real estate agent (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 13. Shenzhen City Commercial Real Estate Investment Consultants Limited 14. Shenzhen chain house real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. 15. Mei Lian property agent (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 16. Shenzhen Guangzhou Tiandi court real estate brokerage service 17. Tianjin Dingxing Industry Co., Ltd. 18. Polytec CITIC Real Estate (Tianjin) Co. Ltd 19. Tianjin Hua Ze Xinfeng land Co. Ltd. 20. Suzhou langhong home Co., Ltd. 21. Huarun land (Suzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd. 22. Suzhou Hengli Industry Co., Ltd. 23. Nanjing Sheng Yuan hair Properties Limited 24. Nanjing strives for Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. 25. Wuxi Xindu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 26. Wang Hua real estate (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. 27. Hangzhou Snail House real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. 28. Hangzhou Ji’an real estate broking Co., Ltd. 29. Xiamen housing real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. 30. Fuzhou snail real estate brokerage service Co., Ltd. 31. Ji’nan Royal peak home Co., Ltd. 32. Ji’nan source house Co., Ltd. 33. Ji’nan Zhonghai Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. 34. Hefei Baolan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 35. Anhui Wanheng real estate agent Sales Co., Ltd. Wanjiang Road branch 36. Zhengzhou Fengyi Industry Co., Ltd. 37. Zhengzhou silvertech Ltd 38 new. Zhengzhou great YONGGU Properties Limited 39. Wuhan Shimao Tianrun Properties Limited 40. Wuhan Jingu Poly Real Estate Development Company Limited 41. Wuhan Ura Riehiro real estate consultant Co., Ltd. 42. Chengdu Sino German Red Valley Investment Co., Ltd. 43. Shenzhen Fang dodo Network Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu branch, 44. Chengdu Tianfu gasket Co., Ltd. 45. Shanghai source of real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. Chengdu branch – the case of Chengdu "one-time purchase of 60 sets of" involved real estate sales suspended suspected of spreading false information and other irregularities, the development of the project is to investigate the enterprise according to the Xinhua News Agency yesterday, the Chengdu Municipal Housing Authority informed the handling of the "one-time purchase of 60 sets of someone real estate, real estate sales involved shall be suspended punishment. In late September, a news of "investment in Chengdu, China and Germany ·, and the sale of 60 houses in the British Empire" were spread on the Internet and attracted widespread attention. After investigation by Chengdu Housing Administration Bureau, it is found that the news is not true. There are alleged violations of illegal information and manufacturing market tension in the related projects. The development enterprise of Chengdu, China and Germany Red Valley Investment Co., Ltd. will be placed on file for investigation. During the investigation, the housing sector will continue to close the project, to suspend the sale of real estate network, suspended for the Chengdu German Red Valley Investment Co. Ltd. in Chengdu follow-up project pre-sale permit. Chengdu city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Japan before the organization of law enforcement officers on the German · British sebang project sales reception center on-site inspection, found that the developers (Chengdu German Red Valley Investment Limited company (Chengdu) and its associated element Properties Limited), in the sales promotion process respectively in violation of the advertising law and real estate advertising regulations. In this regard, the Chengdu Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau has investigated and filed the above two companies according to law. They will impose administrative penalties on the two companies in accordance with legal procedures. Suzhou, Wuhan – focus announced the purchase of credit limit yesterday, the Suzhou Municipal People’s government issued "on the further strengthening of the real estate market regulation", announced the implementation of restriction measures. The opinion stipulates that the first house purchase and the lowest first payment ratio of the first suite are not less than 30%, and the lowest first payment ratio in the two suite is not less than 40%. The non permanent residents of the city to buy first homes, should be provided since before the date of the purchase of 2 years in Suzhou city (including Wujiang District), Kunshan City, Taicang city to pay a total of more than 1 years of personal income tax or social insurance (social insurance) payment certificate; suspend has 1 and above the non city residence households sell new housing and second-hand housing; to suspend the sale of new commercial housing and second-hand housing to have 3 or more of the city residence households. The opinion is applicable to Suzhou city (including Wujiang District), Kunshan city and Taicang city. Also, the Wuhan Municipal Housing Bureau yesterday issued a notice, Wuhan city formally implemented measures to limit credit property purchase restrictions. The notice requires that the household purchase of the first housing in this household will apply for commercial housing loans, the minimum first payment is 25%, the purchase of the second suites will be 50%, the purchase of third or more housing will be suspended, and commercial housing loans will be suspended. The non urban household households purchase the lowest down payment for the first suite, 25%, purchase second apartments, suspend commercial personal housing loans, and purchase third or more housing restrictions.

安徽亿恒等45家中介被曝光 涉嫌违法违规销售行为   住房和城乡建设部继2日要求济南严肃查处房地产开发企业违法违规销售行为后,昨日又公布了各地查处的一批违法违规的房地产开发企业和中介机构,共计45家。   这些房地产开发企业和中介机构,通过发布虚假广告、恶意编造散布谣言,制造房源紧张气氛,采取违规预售、捂盘惜售等手段,煽动消费者购房,以达到其抬高房价、牟取私利的目的。   这些行为不仅损害了消费者权益,也误导了市场预期,社会影响恶劣。对此,住房城乡建设部要求各地继续加大工作力度,进一步整顿规范房地产市场秩序,促进房地产市场稳定健康发展。   各地查处的房地产开发企业和中介机构名单   1。北京国锐房地产开发有限公司   2。北京天旭运河房地产开发有限责任公司   3。北京金天恒置业有限公司   4。北京金诺方舟家务劳动服务有限公司   5。上海我爱我家房屋租赁置换有限公司浦电路店   6。上海太平洋房屋服务有限公司巨峰路店   7。上海虹民房地产经纪有限公司   8。广州裕丰咨询顾问有限公司   9。广州艾熙商业管理有限公司   10。深圳市中执资本投资有限公司   11。深圳朗泓房地产有限公司   12。中原地产代理(深圳)有限公司   13。深圳市世华房地产投资顾问有限公司   14。深圳链家房地产经纪有限公司   15。美联物业代理(深圳)有限公司   16。深圳市广天地庭苑房地产经纪服务部   17。天津鼎兴置业有限公司   18。中信保利达地产(天津)有限公司   19。天津市华欣沣泽置地有限公司   20。苏州朗宏置业有限公司   21。华润置地(苏州)实业有限公司   22。苏州恒力置业有限公司   23。南京升龙元发置业有限公司   24。南京力图企业管理咨询有限公司   25。无锡市新都房产开发有限公司   26。望华房地产(杭州)有限公司   27。杭州蜗居房地产经纪有限公司   28。杭州集安房地产经纪有限公司   29。厦门市存房房地产经纪有限公司   30。福州蜗牛房地产经纪服务有限公司   31。济南御峰置业有限公司   32。济南源浩置业有限公司   33。济南中海地产投资有限公司   34。合肥市宝能房地产开发有限公司   35。安徽亿恒地产代理销售有限公司皖江路分公司   36。郑州丰益置业有限公司   37。郑州新银科置业有限公司   38。郑州大有永固置业有限公司   39。武汉世茂天润置业有限公司   40。武汉保利金谷房地产开发有限公司   41。武汉浦江宏房地产顾问有限公司   42。成都中德红谷投资有限公司   43。深圳市房多多网络科技有限公司成都分公司   44。成都市天府垫片有限责任公司   45。上海策源房地产经纪有限公司成都分公司   ■ 案例   成都“一次性购房60套”涉事楼盘暂停销售   涉嫌散布不实信息等违规行为,该项目开发企业被立案调查   据新华社电昨日,成都市房管局通报了对“一次性购房60套”涉事楼盘的处理情况,涉事楼盘予以暂停销售处罚。   9月下旬,一则“投资客在成都中德·英伦世邦楼盘豪掷上亿元一次性购房60套”的消息在网上传开,引起广泛关注。经成都市房管局调查后发现,该消息不真实,涉事项目存在涉嫌散布不实信息、制造市场紧张气氛等违规行为,对该项目的开发企业成都中德红谷投资有限公司予以立案调查。   在调查期间,房管部门将继续关闭项目商品房网签、暂停销售,暂缓办理成都中德红谷投资有限公司在成都后续项目的预售许可。   成都市工商局于日前组织执法人员对“中德·英伦世邦”项目的销售接待中心进行了现场检查,发现其开发商(成都中德红谷投资有限公司)及其关联公司(成都新元素置业有限公司),在销售宣传过程中分别涉嫌违反了广告法和房地产广告发布规定。   对此,成都市工商局分别依法对上述两家公司进行了立案查处,将依照法律程序对上述两家公司予以顶格行政处罚。   ■ 焦点   苏州、武汉宣布限购限贷   昨日,苏州市人民政府发布《关于进一步加强全市房地产市场调控的意见》,宣布实施限购措施。   意见规定,首次购房和首套房最低首付款比例不低于30%,二套房最低首付款比例不低于40%。非本市户籍居民家庭购买第1套住房时,应提供自购房之日起前2年内在苏州市区(含吴江区)、昆山市、太仓市累计缴纳1年及以上个人所得税缴纳证明或社会保险(城镇社会保险)缴纳证明;暂停对已拥有1套及以上的非本市户籍居民家庭出售新建商品住房和二手住房;暂停向拥有3套及以上的本市户籍居民家庭出售新建商品住房和二手住房。意见适用于苏州市区(含吴江区)、昆山市、太仓市。   又讯武汉市房管局昨日下发通知,武汉市主城区正式实行住房限购限贷措施。   通知要求,本市户籍居民家庭购买首套住房,申请商业性个人住房贷款的,最低首付款比例为25%,购买第二套房首付50%,购买第三套或以上住房暂停发放商业性个人住房贷款。   非本市户籍居民家庭购买首套房最低首付25%,购买第二套房暂停发放商业性个人住房贷款,购买第三套或以上住房限购。相关的主题文章:

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