4 year old girl’s death the dilapidated buildings collapsed a year ago was identified as class D dan-norton disk doctor

4 year old girl’s death: the dilapidated buildings collapsed a year ago was identified as class D dangerous – Beijing Tang flower photos in 2016 calendar landlord Lu Changzhong in the rubble of a collapsed before the beginning of the July, heavy rains in Hubei. Enshi city Wuyang Street Office of a private in July 8th suddenly collapsed, two children died. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the investigation, was known locally as "accidental" houses collapsed, 13 months before the incident, D level dangerous has been identified as the most dangerous level. This house is located by city planning private housing "red zone" (that is, strictly control the area within the site) and easy access for revision, not approved". After the tragedy, two families because the issue of compensation against each other, behind nostalgia torn, the government has become a controversial negative what responsibility. BYD reporter learned that before, "red zone" dangerous "policies" shall be renovated shortly before the break, but the "approved" and had "rejected", there is still no explicit file "". Cremation Funeral Home in Enshi city "is located in the loess Hom Village for 13 days, 4 year old Tang Huarui (a pseudonym) of the body of the final cremation. According to informed sources, this is the Wuyang Office of the streets, "borrow" to their parents 80 thousand yuan fee, "buried" with the families of the deceased made. In July 21, 2016, the Enshi Municipal Public Security Bureau police station issued to the city Hongmiao funeral "proof" show: July 8, 2016 at 18:30 PM, Enshi City, Wuyang Fengshan Geng Village dam Office Gold Group No. 168 year old Lu Changzhong’s unexpected collapse accident. In the accident, the Tang Dynasty flower was killed in an accident, and sent to the funeral home. The Tang flower accident aftermath things have to coordinate with Wuyang, temporary Street office consultation and according to the wishes of the family, you will be cremated the bodies of the dead museum." In the "proof", "three" the other two "joint death medical certificate (inferred) book" and "death funeral resident certificate", by reason of University Hospital of Hubei Institute for Nationalities Department of emergency issued by the death of Tang Huarui show "breathing, cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury." Lu lawyer Wan Jue in the local police station, less than 200 words of this proof, there are at least two "words" worth "discussion": first of all, on the scene description, the proof uses "a house", which wiped out the "expert conclusion of a dangerous"; second, "collapse" is preceded by "accident" prefix, to define the tragic death of people, it seems only a small probability of accidental accident. In July 22nd, the little flower’s body was cremated in a funeral home. But by its death, Tang Lu pull two disputes, and exposed the government’s role in the absence of this accident, did not. The collapse of the right side and Enshi State Taxation Bureau new office building Kim Boulevard distance of about 50 meters, an accumulation of soil is still in the rubble of collapsed. In August 12th, BYD reporter first visited the scene, the remnant brick debris can be seen from the scene of the room, the rafters and purlin rammed wall slab, top beam Zhuqian thick相关的主题文章:

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