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3 billion citizens of the country of all kinds of information to sell stolen Zhejiang arrested 43 suspects – Beijing Beijing in September 26 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter He Jiangyong correspondent Wang Linqi) September 26th, reporters from the Zhejiang provincial public security department was informed that the day before, with the last batch of suspects were escorted back to Zhejiang Wenzhou, Wenzhou Ouhai "5.23" project group were arrested in the infringement of citizens’ personal information of 43 suspects, involving more than 30 citizens of a person of all kinds of data, spread all over the country, micro insurance business, advertising promotion and other sectors of the illegal sale of personal information of citizens interests criminal gangs destroyed. In late May 2016, the Wenzhou Ouhai Public Security Bureau police brigade in the daily inspection of the network, find people in the online "with Ouhai local area wantonly selling the personal information of citizens, police brigade immediately carry on the management to the clue. After a period of investigation, the police find out the object of trafficking information is not a separate crime, but organized crime gang. Support security detachment in Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau network, Ouhai police in Hefei, Tianjin arrested selling personal information of citizens suspect Zheng, Zhang and other 4 people, successfully cracked the case of sale of personal information of citizens. 4 suspects in custody, the task force and the seizure of electronic equipment inspection through the trial breakthrough, found on the sale of personal information of citizens up to hundreds of people and the case, the total amount of hundreds of millions of citizens’ personal information. In the case of personal information has spread is very serious, the downstream crime may be unpredictable, causing serious consequences more to avoid, overcome the difficulties of continuous fighting force, to expand the line to dig deep, step by step to identify the suspects of personal information of citizens to cut the citizens’ personal information dissemination channels, ensure data recovery. To mid June, the group found the gang mainly on the identity of the person and the facts of the crime. Beginning in late June, the Ouhai Public Security Bureau in the ad hoc group based on the previous study, were transferred police, Interpol, police and other units capable personnel on the case involved centralized combat, corps division in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi implementation of the arrest, and in support of the local police cooperation, after more than half a month of continuous fighting, the arrest group to overcome the difficulties, with great success, successfully captured 39 suspected of infringement of citizens’ personal information crime suspects, preliminary cut off the gang crime interests chain. Currently, the suspects have been taken criminal coercive measures according to law, the case is still under investigation. (end)相关的主题文章:

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