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2016 Hurun released   14 billion; the Li Wenbin family took the richest man in Yunnan – Yunnan channel — people.com.cn original title: 2016 Hurun released the Li Wenbin family 14 billion winning the richest man in Yunnan Yunnan rich list released yesterday 2016 Hurun Report shows that 62 year old Wang Jianlin and his family became the richest man in 215 billion yuan of wealth rich list third. Followed by two IT of God, 52 year old ma and his family wealth reached 205 billion yuan, while the 45 year old Ma Huateng wealth reached 165 billion yuan. Jun FA real estate Li Wenbin family wealth of 14 billion yuan to take off the richest man in Yunnan crown, ranking also rose over the previous year, a total of 67. In addition to the two new Regal king group and Dong Lecheng, the finalists Yunnan rankings showed a sharp decline, in which Watson Li Yunchun is biological last year wealth has shrunk more than 30%, ranking 625 in the 1718th crash. Total wealth of 14 trillion and 800 billion total wealth increased by 7% to reach, or almost GDP. On the threshold of 2 billion yuan, 2056 entrepreneurs finalists, doubled over 3 years ago, 10 times 10 years ago, to achieve most of the calendar year. The total number of last year, an increase of 179, the lowest increase for the past 3 years, the growth of the wealth of the entrepreneurs of the 703, the wealth of the entrepreneurs of the year shrunk, the average wealth of this year was $7 billion 200 million, slightly lower than last year’s 7 billion 300 million yuan. Industry, real estate, IT and manufacturing still accounts for the vast majority. The richest woman in "Tang" wife this year female rich list up to 24%, 21% higher than last year’s 60% start empty-handed after a few years later, Chen Lihua once again become the richest woman in Chinese. Chen Lihua’s "journey to the west" the monk who plays the wife of Chi Zhongrui, Queen of Beijing real estate "". 80 after the number of 68 entrepreneurs on the list is increasing year after year, this year a total of 68 on the list, an increase of 12 over last year. The 21 is the start empty-handed, 5 more than last year, basically in the IT industry. Yu H & Q You 36 year old and 35 year old Wang Qicheng Wu Yan couple became the most "80" start empty-handed tycoons to 24 billion 500 million yuan; followed by Xinjiang 36 year old Wang Tao, the wealth of 24 billion yuan; again is a 33 year old company drops Chengwei and good future of the 36 year old Zhang Bangxin, the list is still not "90" start empty-handed regal. Big dark horse week to earn 2 billion and 46 year old treasure Yao Zhenhua can be this year’s big dark horse, wealth turned over to the times of $115 billion to $9, up more than 200 last year to more than fourth. In recent years, Vanke made the mysterious Chaozhou high-profile chiefs. Yao Zhenhua said: "the average wealth rose 2 billion in a week," said Mr Hu Run." In addition to Yao Zhenhua, there are 3 new entrepreneurs in the top 10, respectively is the NetEase Ding Lei, Hengda Xu Jiayin, beauty hexiangjian and his son He Jianfeng. Yunnan Regal less than Sichuan, Yunnan, 13 finalists, a decrease of more than 1 last year, the total is well below the Sichuan and the 45 place in the top 25. Except for a few rich相关的主题文章:

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