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"2" Medical Museum laugh the successful ending of the audience for the third quarter "renew Medical Museum laugh 2" detective squad shake gathered entertainment news by Huace Hatton Tencent, Huashan mountain, Fujian Province Radio and Television Group Co produced, directed by Liang Guoguan, Li Jiahang, Jiang Yan, Li Jinming, Wang Yanlin played detective comedy "Medicine Museum of costume laugh 2" on the weekend ending, usher in a happy ending. With the audience of nearly January laugh tour perfectly. Medical Museum Day mission for the audience in the laughter package balance is insufficient, many viewers said expectations in the third quarter for renewal. "Laugh 2" medical museum tells the story of a small group of people in the two disease happened to be late to save the people from the fire hero, this is easy to produce the universal appeal to the audience, little counter attack, offbeat heroes, history and inspirational elements interspersed in the story, let the audience accept unknowingly is the energy of the infection. At the same time, the story of the anti routine will allow the audience to produce an unexpected surprise experience. Yiyanbuge staged all martial arts, behind the childish behavior, meaning ghost brain hole three inside play many girls heart, continue to impact the audience "through" jokes, bursting with ease. This season, "silly white sweet" Adorable sister Chen Anan (Li Jinming ornaments) and pseudo sanjiamao "small pine nuts" Liu Song (King Yan Lin) between the feelings of the line especially attract attention, the big boss of the East miss VS CP, two people from the status are very far away, but in the magic the museum has medicine alternate feelings, a small medical museum full of love. Sexy baby Ruoxin Liu (Jiang Yan) and Zhu Yipin (Li Jiahang ornaments) feelings in a pile of danger more firmly. "2" Medical Museum laughter is caused people to interact with the boom, too busy to attend to all stalks and burden lost to the audience, become a "barrage of animal like existence, users watch on video website and often starred together Tucao, and made no secret love for the actors, many viewers have said look the third season.相关的主题文章:

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