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"2" hot girl cyclone is just a small meat Yan high value? Sohu IP dual network ratings of the first youth entertainment as the originator of IP adaptation, are following the 2010 by the people sought "bubble summer", inspirational youth big drama "tornado girl" last year set off a ratings peak. This "tornado girl" summer once again launched the "follow up a victory with hot pursuit, cyclone girl" season second, landing in Hunan TV youth theatre. The meat is still small and high yen value cast, hot blooded youth inspirational story, dual network interactive platform fully open, the summer young audiences back many favorable factors, first time dual network and won the first national ranking! Net 1.59%, 1.003% city network. The evening of August 4th, the two indexes were up to 1.96%, 1.243%, the same title micro-blog topic reading volume has been broken by the end of the year, it is simply too hot to do not want to be the 2 billion 100 million. Wu Yi, Yan value, three upgrade style "tornado girl" in the second season, not only Chen Xiang, Wu Lei, Tan Songyun will once again return, adding an Yue Xi, South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook, Guo Junchen and other "Adorable niche, even in Japan the game herbs" encounter "Japanese monk" Meiqingmuxiu, ultra high. Let fans shouted too seductive! However such a seductive role can not be "vase". Play a number of taekwondo competitions, and even fighting scenes show the role of the various players, superb Wu Yi". The opening of Changan in a public enemy, yiyanbuge fight Ting Hao predecessors; KO Kato Baicao three sisters, match with gold Minzhu, even the "two boys" flying fish are in the martial arts master yuan! Scene layout, the picture is clean and fresh, the actor clothing tract are good, in line with the idol drama style. For the successful interpretation of international challenge "link new development", the crew also went to Japan, Singapore and other transnational framing, a domestic drama broadcast week. Super high value matching brand mask in fact, the so-called high natural value, is seven points to maintain the natural makeup of the three points. The number of express or implied famous brand Mentholatum mask, natural herbal beauty liquid mask is absolutely small fresh love, Xiao fireflies also hubbub "skin SPA", to Chengdu to learn Fan Bingbing predecessors mask?相关的主题文章:

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