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18, how to do it? Just let the male lead premature ejaculation! 18 well-known cartoonist ban found eight UTI in ComicMarket (C90) launched the "Re: starting from zero alien life" Doujinshi with animation drama into the final climax and a netizen discussion, this will set the Dojinshi will shoot at any time – male premature ejaculation, so often destroy play moving scenes! Please think twice about the fans who love the original, or you’ll be half dead…… "Love:: Dojinshi and Kara will start in early leakage to improve the lives of ’18 ban cartoonist found eight Dojinshi zeta" Love: Noyes and Kara will begin in early life is the literal translation of "leakage improvement" to help improve the lives of premature ejaculation. "This story describes the girls in accidentally bathing beach…… Accidents often encountered by protagonists in light novels! However, the actor did not like many abnormal foot slip as down on them, but on the spot to shoot out…… So premature ejaculation is seriously despised by everyone!!! Later, the story as the title of this book, by the help of the durability of the REM training…… But it wasn’t the comic book, but the 4 comic book of the appendix that destroyed the atmosphere in the play! For example when Elsa and battle scenes in the first chapter the courage to fight with elsa…… When you see your big breasts, shoot! Or the important emotional scene was messed up by premature ejaculation…… Amy Liya knee pillow animation eighth sets, the lying on the thigh is Amy Leah envy, love honey even close to her ear Leah encouraged the audience could not help but repeat the sweet voice of hundreds of times and results…… Did the Pleiades shiver and shoot? There is a touching scene is outside the village of Warcraft later, to completely open the REM scene…… After the moment of REM Raiders [source: otaku news]

18禁同人志 从零开始的早洩生活   想搞砸感人的场面该怎么做呢?只要让男主角早洩就好了!知名18禁漫画家八寻ぽち在ComicMarket(C90)推出的《Re:从零开始的异世界生活》同人志随着动画剧情进入最终高潮而掀起网友讨论,这本同人志将昴设定成随时都会射●的早洩男,因此屡屡破坏剧中感动的场景!热爱原作的粉丝请三思再看,否则可能会气个半死喔……   同人志‘Love::ムから始める早漏改善生活’   18禁漫画家八寻ぽち的同人志‘Love:レムから始める早漏改善生活’直译就是‘雷姆帮忙改善早洩的生活’,本篇剧情描述昴不小心闯进女生都在洗澡的大浴场……   轻小说主角常常会遭遇的意外场面!   然而昴并没有跟许多变态男主角一样脚滑扑倒在她们身上,反而是当场射了出来……   如此早洩被大家严重鄙视!!!   后来的剧情就如同书名一样,由雷姆帮忙训练昴的持久度了……不过引发话题的并不是漫画本篇,而是附录的4格漫画将剧中的气氛统统破坏殆尽!   与艾尔莎的战斗场面   例如昴在第一章鼓起勇气跟艾尔莎战斗的时候……   看到人家的巨乳就射了!?   又或者是重要的感人场面也被早洩搞砸……   爱蜜莉雅的膝枕   动画第8集,昴躺在爱蜜莉雅的大腿之上已经够令人羡慕了,爱蜜莉雅甚至贴近她的耳边给予鼓励让观众忍不住重复播放这段甜美的声音几百回,结果……   昴打个了哆嗦就射了!?   还有一个感人场景是解决村外的魔兽以后,雷姆对昴完全敞开心扉的一幕……   雷姆攻略完毕的瞬间   [来源:宅宅新闻]相关的主题文章:

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