1 square meters fined $3 is the connivance of illegal occupation jodie foster

"1 square meters fined 3 yuan" is an illegal connivance of original title: "1 square meters fined 3 yuan" is the author: Zhang Songchao condone illegal land law enforcement departments not only head posturing, posturing, how can we expect the offender to quit? Recently, the Henan Gongyi city report said the villagers, Qinglong Ciyunsi scenic area the city near the reservoir, there are people in deforestation, occupy 1845.5 square meters of land built villas and farms. Local land and Resources Bureau two times in accordance with the illegal occupation of 1 square meters penalty of $3, the standard punishment, has not been able to prevent illegal occupation of land. (JINGWAH times) in August 30th 1 square meters of illegal occupation of land to a fine of $3, such a low standard of fine surprise. Local land department’s explanation: "in accordance with the land management law of our country and the implementation of" Henan province (Land Management Law) measures "provisions of the illegal occupation of forest land can only be punished in accordance with the 10 yuan per square metre." Illegal cost is too low, it is difficult to form an effective deterrent to illegal land, illegal land is indeed an endless stream of reasons. However, in addition to fines on no other way? The answer is obviously negative. "Land management law" stipulates that the deadline for the removal of illegal occupation of land in the new buildings and other facilities…… If the case is not prosecuted and not removed by itself, the organ that has made the decision on punishment shall apply to the people’s court for compulsory execution according to law, and the expenses shall be borne by the offender." In the face of illegal occupation of arable land, the land department just to open a ticket, it seems to be in accordance with the law, but the essence of his lazy political attitude exposed. The law enforcement departments not only head posturing, posturing, how can we expect the offender to quit? Illegal acts of the land, not only to punish the offender, but also in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the land restitution, also need to be accountable to the relevant departments. This is not without precedent. In April this year, the Supreme People’s court informed with the administrative public interest litigation in Jiangsu province people’s Procuratorate of Wujiang District of Suzhou city in the performance of duties in the process of investigation and supervision, found illegal land occupation, administrative punishment decision in the Department of homeland, the offenders still my prime, the land department did not take further action. In accordance with the law of the land department does not perform their duties, the prosecutor’s office will land and Resources Bureau on the court, held its omission as the responsibility. The illegal cost is too low, not illegal occupation of land the reason behind the more highlights are not as relevant departments, even intentionally secreens of offenders. The person who is responsible for it must not be an offender. Editor: Liu Hao相关的主题文章:

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