Green shares the Commission was investigating the new joint investment of 9 private equity funds kan haywire

Green shares the Commission was investigating the new joint investment of 9 private equity funds kanzouyan We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: new shares of the Commission was investigating 9 private equity funds kanzouyan each reporter intern song Ge three new board business green shares trouble constantly after the listing of reporter Zhang Yi (834632) and stalls. Recently, new shares to host the brokerage Haitong Securities issued a risk warning notice, said the new green shares have been an investigation by the Commission, and the new shares has not yet disclosed the 2016 semi annual report in October 31st, if still unable to complete the related work, the company stock is facing the risk of the termination of the listing. For new shares, many investors impressed. The company has been the darling of the agency, has been well-known investment management company in Silicon Valley paradise. In addition, according to the new shares disclosed in November 26, 2015 the public transfer instructions, the company was shareholders in the 17 non natural person shareholders include Everbright Securities, the new joint investment, the 9 shareholders of the private equity fund. According to the investigation by the SFC company Green shares sponsored by brokerage Haitong Securities released risk warning notice, because the green company suspected of violating securities laws and regulations, the Commission decided to initiate an investigation of the company. In fact, the new green shares since December 2015 after listing a lot trouble: as of August 1, 2016 the company announced that the company’s financial data are false; August 17th, organized by the brokerage also mentioned the associated risk of occupying the capital. Since April this year, the organizers have issued 7 times the risk of brokerage tips. At the same time, the company’s 2016 semi annual disclosure postponed several times, the company has postponed the announcement on August 23rd, August 29th bursts. As of October 26th, the new shares in 2016 semi annual report has not yet released. Organizers brokerage tip that the company due to financial self-examination and the reasons for the 2016 annual semi annual report has not been disclosed, the company’s stock has been suspended in the transfer of state. Up to now, the company is still in the process of financial self-examination and 2016 semi annual report preparation. If the company can not be in October 31, 2016 before the completion of semi annual disclosure, the company’s shares will face the risk of termination of listing. Was the darling data show that new shares is mainly engaged in beef cattle fattening, slaughtering and meat products processing and sales, has the independence and integrity of the procurement, breeding, slaughter and processing and sales system. Although the organizers are frequently prompted by the risk of brokerage, but the company is trading through the transfer of market making. In January 20th this year, after the listing of new shares of less than 1 months, from the transfer agreement to change the transfer market, by China Merchants Securities and other brokerage firms to provide market making services company stock. However, I am afraid the most depressed or body in which the body. New shares issued in November 26, 2015 public transfer instructions, the company was shareholders in the 17 non self theory相关的主题文章:

Steel prices in the first half profit growth of the second half of the demand side is difficu 3u8813

Steel prices in the first half profit considerable growth in   the second half of the demand side to increase finance — — after 5 years of production, big black lines of iron and steel industry membership finally bid farewell to the years of losses, to achieve profitability. The day before, dozens of iron and steel enterprises semi annual report released in 2016, showed that there were significant improvements in profitability. Among them, Baosteel and even net profit of up to 3 billion 468 million yuan, an increase of 9.26%, to achieve a leap. But it is worth noting that, although the steel demand side has stabilized this year, but the long-term downward trend has not changed, the long-term overcapacity risks remain. This also means to resolve the overcapacity, industry consolidation will be Chinese steel industry needs to overcome difficulties in a longer period of time subject. Pick up the first half profit doubled million in the information data show that SW classification under the steel plate of 35 steel enterprises total revenue of 466 billion 117 million yuan, compared with the same period in 2015 declined, but the profit of up to 4 billion 279 million yuan, while the same period last year was a loss of 4 billion 94 million yuan. Specifically, these 35 companies have 28 profitable, profitable steel enterprises accounted for 80%, an increase of 28.57%. In addition, 35 listed companies have a total of 10 companies to achieve profitability, accounting for the same period last year, the total number of losses of the company’s total of 59%. Among them, Baosteel achieved operating income of 77 billion 993 million yuan, down by 3.44%, but attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of $3 billion 468 million, an increase of 9.26%. Among them, Baosteel Iron and steel manufacturing sector gross margin was 17.7%, an increase of 5.4 percentage points. Shandong iron and steel although not much profit, net profit of 23 million 151 thousand and 300 yuan, compared with the same period last year increased by 210.57%. As can be seen, after 3 years to adjust the structure of production capacity, iron boss finally see the dawn. Ma Guoqiang, President of the China Iron and Steel Association, said that since 2012, the domestic market price of steel fell all the way, fell for more than 4 years. December 2015, the steel composite price index fell to 54.48 points, the lowest level since the record index, down by more than the end of 34.43% in. This year, steel prices rebounded. By the end of 4, the steel composite price index rose to 84.66 points, the steel price index for the first time in recent years over the same period last year. Steel stocks fell sharply on steel prices have played a supporting role. June, 20 cities in the world’s largest varieties of steel stocks 8 million 130 thousand tons, down 2 million 60 thousand tons, a decline of 21%, inventory of the top 5 varieties were lower than the same period last year. According to the iron and Steel Association statistics, the end of 6 iron and steel enterprises steel stocks of 13 million 380 thousand tons, down by 4 million 370 thousand tons, a decline of 24.63%. In the first half of this year, the sharp fluctuations in steel prices, the gradual improvement of local supply and the market is expected to improve the main reason for the futures market, the relevant steel varieties contract prices also fluctuate significantly. Rising steel prices improve the business situation, ease the difficulties of the industry, but the sharp fluctuations in the production and operation of the smooth operation of the great相关的主题文章:

Google’s new chat app allo is quite fun, but I’m afraid it will become the next contact – Sohu wetnwild

Google’s new Allo chat application was fun, but I’m afraid it will be the next "from" the Sohu recently once again that Twitter technology will be acquired in the news, Google is still in the "rumors of potential buyers". My colleague Fan Junjie commented in the circle of friends, I feel Google in this matter on the social aspect of the Alibaba style." In addition to investment and acquisitions, and Alibaba, Google himself also tried a lot of social products. TheVerge recently ridicule, Google message class application strategy is simply "try everything". Google recently released a series of two chat applications, one is similar to the Facetime video chat application Duo, one is even if the communication application Allo. These two applications are based on the mobile terminal, strive for simplicity, registration and launch chat, they even abandoned the Google account, directly to the phone number as the only condition. However, Allo has received a lot of attention, because it integrates the depth of learning based on the AI system Google Assistant, robot assistant can help you book a restaurant, search, provide automatic reply suggestions. Try a few days later, my feeling is that Allo is a good chat application, but at the same time, it also faces two aspects: one is the competition of WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE of these millions of users have mature chat application; two is Siri, such as Cortana intelligent voice assistant. In these two dimensions, Allo are not good enough to prompt users to migrate from the usual chat software. So, I’m a little worried, Allo may be like Alibaba dealings, or Google own Google+, as another case with a golden spoon died. The design of Allo Allo is simple to the extreme, the home page is a chat message interface, in addition, only the lower right corner to view the mail list to initiate a chat button, and the upper left corner to modify personal information and set the navigation bar. Allo registration is also simple, you can only through the phone number (support for mainland China mobile phone number) registration, and do not enter the Google account. After the registration is successful, you can also use their own Google account to bind to Allo. If you want to find a friend and initiate a chat, the premise is your mobile phone address book to save his mobile phone number, even if his Google account associated to the Allo, you can’t find him by searching the Gmail account. Chat interface and a lot of instant messaging applications. Allo also provides an interesting feature: whispering and shouting (Whisper Shout), when you make the text.相关的主题文章:

Credit cards will be replaced by Internet overdraft tools Listed banks responded with the report car innawoods

Credit cards will be replaced by Internet overdraft tools? Listed banks report report card counter Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Credit cards will be replaced by Internet overdraft tools? Listed banks with reported transcripts to counter the relevant report shows that state-owned banks and joint-stock bank credit card business has emerged differentiation – reporter Mao Yuzhou nearly two years in the target areas of consumption, electricity supplier stage, Jingdong, etc. it takes the ant ious overdraft tools continue to emerge, there is a saying in the future may not need a credit card. However, with the gradual disclosure of listed banks in 2016, credit card for hard hit this transcript. Reported data show that the number of listed banks in the first half of the credit card issuers, credit card operating income, loan balances and other data growth over the same period last year. More banks said that in 2016, the bank is increasing investment in credit card loans, as part of the transformation of light capital, credit card business is ushering in the second spring. 3 state-owned bank instead of over 15 million and the issuance of credit card will be phased out of view, the credit card business to report achievements. Agricultural Bank data show that as of June 30th, the cumulative credit card issuance 63 million 748 thousand and 100, the total number of credit card merchants total 1 million 111 thousand and 600. In the first half, the bank credit card spending 646 billion 241 million yuan. Compared with the same period last year, the growth rate of credit card issuers was 10.2%, the growth rate of consumption of $19.1%, far greater than the same period the growth rate of debit card data. Construction Bank at the end of 6 the cumulative credit card issuance 87 million 890 thousand, compared with the previous year, an increase of 7 million 160 thousand, is currently disclosed in the report of the bank, the largest increase. In the first half of the consumer credit card transactions amounted to 1 trillion and 150 billion yuan, an increase of 14.38%; loan balance of $396 billion 64 million. The bank at the end of the first half exit within the credit card registration card volume reached 47 million 140 thousand, a net increase of 3 million 990 thousand over the year, the first half of total consumption amounted to 885 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 24.75%. Group credit card overdrafts amounted to 288 billion 72 million yuan, an increase of more than the beginning of the year, the credit card overdraft impairment rate of 2.14%, compared with the beginning of the year increased by 0.32 percentage points. Although ICBC and Bank of China report has not been disclosed, but from the other three state-owned commercial banks, credit card in the first half of the new issuance volume has exceeded 15 million, in particular, the credit card consumption growth over the same period last year. For example, the Agricultural Bank of China’s consumption in 2015 grew by 16.7% in the first half of this year, the figure was 19.1%. Joint-stock banks, China Everbright Bank, CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank’s credit card business is enjoying credit restructuring bonus. 2016 report data show that CITIC Bank cumulative credit card issued 33 million 691 thousand and 500 cards in the first half of the new issue of the card 331.6相关的主题文章:

Fixed income investment also cross set to open debt + set by becoming popular freelander2

Fixed income investment also cross set to open debt + set by becoming popular in the Securities Times reporter Li Tiantian since the beginning of June, bond yields continued to decline, the 10 year bond yields fell below 2.7%, hitting 2.6%, down the interest rate the central fixed income products revenue decline, by increasing the fixed income thickening set to open debt "crossover" products are sought after. At present, in addition to the issue of the establishment of the two boshijijin scheduled to open debt + fixed gain products, and many companies have also said the product design is the design or planning of such products. A large fund company in Shenzhen to invest in fixed income sources, on the one hand, the central rate down, the fixed income products need to find some kind of absolute return highlights thickening of income will increase, the discount is relatively safety cushion, can attract investors of absolute returns, the lock can be just closed, scheduled to open debt; on the other hand, the asset shortage under the background of the project will increase bullish, set by the fund is difficult to full warehouse, the idle position may be held about three or four into the bonds, if designed as scheduled to open debt + increase in fixed income products, product categories in income may be more eye-catching. By increasing fixed fixed income performance thickening public information display, boshijijin July 4th issued the first set to open debt + set by raised products – Bo Shihong Ying, second scheduled to open debt + products set by Bo Hong Yu in August 1st issue. In Hong Ying as an example, in the closed period of 18 months, the fund invests in bonds assets ratio of not less than 60% of fund assets, assets invested in stocks accounted for 0~30% of fund assets, including private placement (non-public offering) the stock of assets of stock assets ratio of not less than 60%. Hong Bo Ying to periodically open mode of operation, every 18 months after the closure of open Shen redemption, not only considers the positions set by the project, and the period from the lock, and can cover the full fiscal year, is beneficial to grasp the bond market timing. Hong Ying Bo Chen Pengyang fund manager said that after the establishment of the fund will buy and close period matched bonds, and held to maturity, and strive to improve product yield. Especially in the A-share market is in the environment of low volatility, given the increase in investment advantage is more obvious, if the market is up, hold the fund can be increased by A while the net gain and discount cash gains. Wind data show that in the first quarter of 2016, an increase in the issue price is equivalent to the average stock price discount rate of 18.61%. In his view, set by + fixed, is a better choice for investors to invest in the current point of safety cushion. The existing active set by the fund investment bonds it is understood that in addition to the already issued + set to open debt set by the fund, while the number of fund companies have also said the product design is the design or planning of such products. In fact, not only the public fund intends to do this, some brokerage information management department also saw the market opportunities. A senior fixed income securities investment sources, the company outsourcing scale is not small, but with low interest rates, the product yield could reach some bank capital requirements, especially facing the potential credit risk, if customers need, they will be looking for the opportunity to participate in a given increase, thickening of the product yield. Fixed debt + given the emergence of the product, to some extent, and the emergence of changes in the structure of investors.相关的主题文章: